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The Reviews are in!

From Theatre is Easy "-  a tender yet powerful tale of a woman’s journey through self-discovery at its core, Unfolding is an exquisite feast of puppetry storytelling with magic in every one of its crinkly folds."

From Show Score:  "- Visually splendid story...So many details are rendered through this extraordinarily fine storytelling."

Unfolding was presented at The Tank in NYC March 29 – April 7, 2019! 

Produced by Margarita Blush Productions and Hayley Palmaer in association with The Tank.

Conceived and directed by Margarita Blush

Set and puppets designed and created by
Dimitar Dimitrov and Petia Dimitrova 

Performed by Emily Batsford, Monica Lerch, and Kāli Therrien

Music composed by Amir Khosrowpour & performed by Lena Gabrielle

Costumes designed by Anya Sokolovskaya

Appropriate for audiences ages 8+
Details Below 

Unfolding is a contemporary fairy tale that magically transports the audience through space and time, capturing the journey of a woman as she navigates a life of self-discovery.  

A puppet theatre production, Unfolding weaves together nostalgic youth and covetable wisdom to explore themes of female wisdom and empowerment, using moving performance and puppetry, shadow imagery, unique design, exquisitely hand-crafted puppets, and poignant original live music.  

The show has been performed at international festivals and venues 
in the USA, Bulgaria, and Turkey.